Hemp, an antiquated, 10,000-year-old riverbank weed?  Or, is it a super plant?

It’s both, actually.  Hemp contains oils that when extracted can become medicinal miracles for many.  Research has been delayed in the United States due to its close relation to the THC-producing cousin, marijuana.  Both have medical value, but hemp has no psychotic effects making it safe to consume.  In fact, many of the cannabinoids, CBD to be exact, are also found in black pepper, hops, many fresh herbs and in cocoa.  Hemp also has between 25,000 and 55,000 other documented uses!  From paints, rope, clothing, concrete, even a product purported to be 10 times the strength of steel. 

The cannabinoids found in hemp (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC) show promise, as a supplement, to reduce inflammation (arthritis), reduce vomiting and nausea, relieve anxiety, aides sleep, reduce blood sugar levels, prevents nervous system degeneration (Alzheimer’s), inhibits cell grow (cancerous tumors), fights bacterial and fungal growth . . . ok, we could go on and on as to the medicinal potential of the cannabinoids produced by hemp.  Physicians refer to the effects of hemp oils, in particular, CBD, as homeostasis.  The general public would understand it as “balance.”  CBD and the other active oils can both suppress or boost one’s immune system.  They can both suppress or stimulate appetite.  Just two of the man examples of how CBD and the other oils can help balance the human body.  Israel leads the world in cannabis oil research, followed closely by Great Britain, Canada and soon the United States and the results of these studies are mind boggling and amazing.  

There are 4 very basic ways to consume or use products made my hemp oils:  Tincture, Edibles, Topicals and Inhalation.  Everyone metabolizes and reacts differently to things presented their body and if not found, the efficacy of CBD diminishes.  At Heights Apothecary & Hemp Co., every type of medicinal product is sampled, allowing the customer an opportunity in finding what might work best for them.  We go a step further, by carrying some of the other hemp products, such as twine, yarn, clothing, paper, etc.  Nowhere close to the tens of thousands available, but enough to introduce our community to its other uses.  We expect our inventory to change, often, due to the fasted growing industry in the history of the United States, the legal cannabis industry, the hemp revolution.

We hope to see you soon.

- Mark Roberts, Co-Founder

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