The short version: Two 60-something-year-old childhood friends came together and decided to open a CBD store, Heights Apothecary & Hemp Co. located in the historic Heights area of Little Rock, Arkansas. 

The other version: Over recent years, Little Rock natives Bob Randolph and Mark Roberts both experienced the "magic" of CBD. They wanted to curate a shop filled with only the highest quality of hemp-sourced CBD products and spread the word about the many amazing benefits of the hemp plant. 

Being a local store, we intend to support our community as well as we can. Our shop walls are decorated with the incredible art of Little Rock artist Tim Jacob. Each piece of art depicts a different location within the state of Arkansas, and each piece is for sale. We also carry a wide variety of products from local CBD-manufacturing companies, Buffalo Co, Tree of Life Seeds, Hawgs Hemp, Blonc, AND our own products under our brand, Blind Boy Jack which are made in-store or locally.  We hope our store and its products will help make our local community an even better place to call home.

Whether you're looking for oils, edibles, bath bombs, candies, tinctures, vapes, or have no idea what CBD even is, our knowledgeable staff is happy to help. We hope to be a trusted source for quality that is curated with our customers and our community in mind. More than anything, we hope we help you feel better.

A message from our founders: 

There are 5 very basic ways to consume or use products made by hemp oils:  Tincture, Edibles, Capsules, Topicals and Inhalation. Everyone metabolizes and reacts differently to things presented to their body and if the best way is not found, the efficacy of CBD diminishes. At Heights Apothecary & Hemp Co., every type of medicinal product is sampled, allowing the customer an opportunity of finding what might work best for them. We go a step further by carrying some of the other hemp products, such as twine, yarn, clothing, paper, etc., nowhere close to the tens of thousands available, but enough to introduce our community to hemp's other uses. We expect our inventory to change, often, due to this being the fastest growing industry in the history of the United States, the legal cannabis industry, the hemp revolution.



It is our goal to provide the best products available, made with the best ingredients, in the most welcoming retail environment our customers have ever experienced. As we continue to expand our own knowledge of hemp, CBD, CBG, etc., and other products, we will strive to give our customers an educational buying experience that is not only easy, but fun. Our goal is to be well-informed, well-educated, and excellent communicators so everyone who leaves our store feels confident about the options available to them.

Our promise to you:

We will carry only those products that have been third party tested with results readily available (C.O.A's).

We will only carry products labeled full-spectrum if they have tested at less than .3% THC or less.

We will only carry products that are produced in State-licensed commercial kitchens.

We will only carry products that are certified organic.

We will only carry products made in the USA with American-grown hemp.

We will only carry products that are sourced from hemp farms compliant with both the 2018 Farm Bill and the 2014 Farm Bill.