No Pain Norty Hemplixir - 500 MG

No Pain Norty Hemplixir - 500 MG

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Combines the benefits of the original Buffalo Co No Pain Norty Hemplixir with natural herbs to help ease pain.

STRENGTH: 500mg active full-spectrum cannabinoids (16mg per ml)

RECOMMENDED USAGE: Shake well before use; 1ml-2ml as needed. Do not exceed 6ml per day.


  • White Willow Bark
  • Valerian Root 
  • Jamaican Dogwood Bark,
  • Kava Kava Root
  • Black Cohosh Root

DISCLAIMER: Willow Bark contains salicin. Those allergic or sensitive to aspirin or who are taking blood thinner medication should not take this elixir.

How to use a Hemplixir tincture: BUFFALO Co's Hemplixirs include a graduated milliliter dropper, making it easier to gauge the correct dosage. Hemplixirs can be mixed with food and beverages or taken sublingually, meaning underneath the tongue. Research suggests that substances taken sublingually are absorbed by the body faster than other oral methods. Hold the Hemplixir under your tongue for one minute, allowing it to absorb, before swallowing the rest. The membrane under your tongue allows for absorption by your sublingual artery. The effects can start within 20 minutes.