CHILLAX Nasal TerpenAire Inhaler

CHILLAX Nasal TerpenAire Inhaler

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The name pretty much says it all ...  CHILLAX!  This TerpenAire™ uses pure, food grade, botanically sourced, and ultra-distilled terpenes natural terpenes known to act as sedatives - providing a soothing experience, helping you unwind at the end of the day.   As with all of our TerpenAires™, CHILLAX is formulated to target specific situations and clinically tested.

*Disclaimers: Do Not Use this product if you are alergic or have a low tolerance for Myrcene.

If burning sensation occurs, discontinue use.


For those concerned with drug tests, there is NO THC in this product, it is derived from natural plants that are NOT hemp or marijuana!  

STRENGTH: 2ml active terpenes infused with organic MCT oil for high bioavailability